My Keto Story


My husband and I both started the Keto together over three years ago. 

I’m so grateful for the Ketogenic lifestyle and how it has saved me! 

I use to be plagued with fears, anxiety, and hopelessness. I struggled with anorexia and bulimia, to the point of vomiting up blood and ended up almost died. 

I use to hide away and binges eat until I was sick and vomit until I got dizzy and pass out.  I hid this in fear of judgement and rejection. I thought since I was such a “strong” black woman people couldn’t know that I was weak and helpless deep down inside. I would pray and hope for healing to get out of this deep dark hole of destruction and pain.

Then one day I found out about Keto and decided to take the leap of faith and try it. Despite what people said about it and all the negative naysayers. 

Right from the beginning I came against opposition in a Facebook group after sharing this first pic I share with you in this post. After being ridiculed for losing 20 pounds in a month by this popular FB group, I almost gave up on Keto. 

After crying and feeling discouraged from the Facebook situation I decided to create a website with free recipes to help others in their healthy lifestyle, then a YouTube channel and now we have our Rosa’s Keto Treats Online store! At 54 years young I’m doing what I love and at the same time helping others! God is so good!

I say all this to encourage you to never give up on yourself and your dream. You can do it! 

Rosa :)

Here's a link where I was featured by Dr. Berg in one of his Success Stories: